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Picture of Tyler Alessi

Tyler Alessi

Vocal Music
Picture of Billy Arcila

Billy Arcila

Guitar Studies
Picture of Bruce Babad

Bruce Babad

Jazz Studies
Picture of Aram Barsamian

Aram Barsamian

Applied Program, Vocal Music and Opera Studies
Picture of Marian Bodnar

Marian Bodnar

Vocal Music
Picture of Markus Burger

Markus Burger

Music Technology Studies
Picture of Clara Cheng-Stosch

Clara Cheng-Stosch

Collaborative Artist
Picture of Matthew Cook

Matthew Cook

Picture of Jordan Curcuruto

Jordan Curcuruto

Picture of Nicola Dedmon

Nicola Dedmon

Choral Studies and Vocal Music
Picture of Mathew Galasso

Mathew Galasso

General Education and Piano Studies
Picture of Jerry Garvin

Jerry Garvin

General Education
Picture of Doc Goldstein

Doc Goldstein

Music Technology
Picture of Mario Gonzalez

Mario Gonzalez

Recording and Music Technology
Picture of Samuel Grodin

Samuel Grodin

Collaborative Artist and Piano Studies
Picture of Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

Picture of Cory Johnson

Cory Johnson

Theory and Composition
Picture of Janet Kao

Janet Kao

Collaborative Artist
Picture of Phillip Keen

Phillip Keen

Brass Studies
Picture of Lena Kim

Lena Kim

Collaborative Artist
Picture of Soh-Ra Kim

Soh-Ra Kim

Picture of Susan Kinsey

Susan Kinsey

Vocal Music
Picture of Monica Lee

Monica Lee

Piano Studies
Picture of Igor Len

Igor Len

Music Technology
Picture of David Lopez

David Lopez

Applied Program, Instrumental Music and Theory & Composition
Picture of Cristina Lord

Cristina Lord

Music Technology and Theory & Composition
Picture of Teryn McPherson

Teryn McPherson

Vocal Jazz Studies
Picture of Krystle Menendez

Krystle Menendez

Vocal Music
Picture of Allen Menton

Allen Menton

Theory and Composition
Picture of Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller

Director of Music Theory and Composition
Picture of Steven Newbold

Steven Newbold

Theroy and Composistion
Picture of Irene  Park

Irene Park

Collaborative Artist
Picture of Soo Jung Park
Picture of Sun Park

Sun Park

Piano Studies
Picture of Yoon Jae  Park
Picture of Brent Pierce

Brent Pierce

Professor Emeritus Music Department
Picture of Scott Ragotskie

Scott Ragotskie

Music Technology
Picture of Eric Ray

Eric Ray

Guitar Studies
Picture of Marc Riley

Marc Riley

Theory and Composition
Picture of Luis Rosalebron

Luis Rosalebron

Picture of Michael Scott

Michael Scott

Jazz Studies, Applied Music and GuitarDepartment Chair
Picture of Gabriel Sears

Gabriel Sears

Brass Studies
Picture of Jamie Shew

Jamie Shew

Berklee College of Music Advisor
Applied Music, Choral and Vocal Jazz
Picture of Jeremy Siskind

Jeremy Siskind

Piano Studies
Picture of Scott Tibbs

Scott Tibbs

Music Technology
Picture of John Tomlinson

John Tomlinson

Music Technology
Picture of Chad Willis

Chad Willis

Brass Studies and Theory & Composition
Picture of Zun Hin Woo

Zun Hin Woo

Instrumental and Strings