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Picture of Bruce Babad

Bruce Babad

Director of Jazz Studies
Picture of Markus Burger

Markus Burger

Picture of Matthew Cook

Matthew Cook

Picture of Erin Earl

Erin Earl

Picture of Mathew Galasso

Mathew Galasso

Picture of Jerry Garvin

Jerry Garvin

Picture of David Goldstein

David Goldstein

Picture of Mario Gonzalez

Mario Gonzalez

Picture of Joseph Jewell

Joseph Jewell

Picture of Cory Johnson

Cory Johnson

Picture of Monica Lee

Monica Lee

Director of the Piano Studies
Picture of James Linahon

James Linahon

Picture of Anthony Mazzaferro

Anthony Mazzaferro

D.M.A.Department Chair
Picture of Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller

Director of Music Theory and Composition
Picture of Brent Pierce

Brent Pierce

Professor Emeritus Music Department
Picture of Michael Scott

Michael Scott

Picture of Jamie Shew

Jamie Shew

Berklee College of Music Advisor
Picture of John Tomlinson

John Tomlinson