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Michael Scott

Full Time Faculty

Guitarist Mike Scott has performed extensively throughout the United States and abroad in venues ranging from small jazz clubs to large concert halls and everything in between. He has recorded as both a sideman on a number of projects and as a leader for his own albums. Mike began his undergraduate studies at Fullerton College and then transferred to the University of Southern California where he completed his Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Music Performance.

More info is available at his website: http://www.guitaristmikescott.com



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MUS 119 F History of Rock Music
Jan. 29 to May. 26

MUS 266 F Jazz Combo
Jan. 29 to May. 26
4:25pm - 5:50pm

MUSA 121 F Intermediate Guitar
Jan. 29 to May. 26
12:10pm - 2:15pm

MUSA 221 F Classical Guitar: Classical to Contemporary
Jan. 29 to May. 26
2:30pm - 4:35pm

MUSA 224 F Jazz Guitar: Chords
Jan. 29 to May. 26
2:10pm - 4:15pm