Instrumental Auditions

Thank you for your interest in joining our instrumental music program for Fall 2020! The Instrumental Area will be holding auditions for woodwind, brass, percussion and string instrumentalists on Thursday, August 20, 2020.  Any questions about Symphonic Winds, Fullerton College Symphony, and Applied Music can be directed to Dr. Lopez at  

The Applied Music Program is designed for music majors on a path to transfer. Students in this program will receive a weekly 45-minute individual lesson with a faculty member specializing in their instrument. In order to be considered for instrumental ensembles and the Applied Music program you must: 

  • Submit a video (uploaded to YouTube) that includes you playing the following: 
  • Audition music based on your instrument. (you can download the pdfs here) 
  • Concert Eb major and Bb major scales (2 octaves each) 
  • Chromatic scale (2 octaves minimum) 
Percussion: Pick either etude:
  • Peters Intermediate Snare Drum Studies, Etude 3- Beginning to the down beat of the last bar in line 3.
  • Peters Advanced Snare Drum Studies- Etude 1- First four lines.

Please upload your video to YouTube and select “Unlisted” and “Not for Children” 

Submit a link to your YouTube video in your registration form. 

You will also need to enroll in the following courses: 

  • FC Symphonic Winds (MUS 274F) (String players must enroll in FC Symphony- MUS 271F) 
  • Music Theory (MUS 106F, MUS 107F, MUS 109F, MUS 203F or MUS 205F) 
  • Concert Hour (MUSA 104F, MUSA 105F, MUSA 106F or MUSA 107F) 
  • Applied Music Individual Private Study (MUSA 200F- CRN# 11355) 
  • Applied Private Instruction (MUSA 202F- CRN # to be assigned by your primary instructor once you are accepted) 

The suggested first semester would include: 

  • Symphonic Winds (MUS 274) 
  • Introduction to Music Theory (MUS 106F) 
  • Introduction to Concert Hour (MUSA 104F) 
  • Applied Music Individual Private Study (MUSA 200F) 
  • Applied Private Instruction- MUSA 202F (based on your assigned instructor) 

Please register for your audition here:

Sign-up Sheet for Meeting on Thursday, August 20th:

Audition Music:
Bass Clarinet
Bass Trombone
Saxophone Alto
Saxophone Tenor
Snare Drum Advanced
Snare Drum Intermediate


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