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The Music Program...

Offering one of the most diversified music curriculum and ambitious concert schedules of all community colleges, the Music Department at Fullerton College is strongly committed to transfer education, professional training, and community service.

"Musicians at Work"

Choir Variety Concert - May 2017

Our formula for success

University Transfer and Professional Placement Success

Our alumni have transferred to top-tier art schools and work in the entertainment industry. Their careers provide our current students examples of how to make a living in the arts and permission to dream.

Talented Faculty who are leaders in the Entertainment Industry

Our teachers are practicing professional artists with direct knowledge of industry standards and practices and great professional contacts.

Current State of the Art Technology and Industry Practices

Our facilities and classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies, software, and industry practices.

Diverse programs and opportunities

We strive for a consistent commitment to excellence in theatre education that reflects our multi-cultural student population, and our performance program offers a wide variety of practical experience opportunities for actors, directors, writers, and technical theatre students.

Piano Students
MUSA 130 F - Introduction to Piano

Areas of Study

Applied Program

The Applied Music Program provides students the opportunity to study privately with Fullerton College music faculty in their particular applied music...

Choral Studies

Under the direction of Professor Nicola Bertoni, the Fullerton College Choral Studies Program has garnered a national reputation for excellence in...

General Education

For both the non-major and the major alike, the Music general education courses meet university transfer requirements and allow the student to build...

Guitar Studies

The Guitar Studies program at Fullerton College offers opportunities for everyone from the beginner who wants to learn the basics to the more...

Instrumental Music

The Instrumental Music Program offers a wide variety of ensembles in various styles for student performance. Students in these ensembles benefit from...

Jazz Studies

The Jazz Studies at Fullerton College is coordinated by Professor Bruce Babad (Instrumental) and Professor Jamie Shew (Vocal).We offer many courses...

Music Technology

Fullerton College is on the forefront of teaching the latest tools of the trade and offer classes in Electronic Music Production, Film Scoring,...

Piano Studies

The Piano Studies program, led by Dr. Monica Lee and Jeremy Siskind, provides opportunities for students of all levels to further their knowledge,...

Theory and Composition

Music theory courses train the music student into becoming a literate musician. One learns to apply music symbols, and conventions, to the writing,...

Vocal Music

Offering coursework in Vocal Studies.

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