Fullerton College

Music Division

Former Students

Thank you, Fullerton College Music Department alums, for the kind of program you helped us create and sustain....

"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work." - Emile Zola

Discovering and cultivating one's gifts can be a wonderful adventure in life, but without a commitment to hard work we never get to evidence the full dimensions of that adventure. Your music professors no doubt reminded you that we need to cultivate in the truly gifted a talent for working. We hope that during your time with us as a student we helped to cultivate in you the capacity for working hard. And, we also trust that we created an environment in which mutual respect and friendships were cultivated. Lastly we hope you were proud of the work you accomplished at Fullerton College.

Many of our alums from all over the world remain in close contact with us, some host guest workshops, many judge at one of the music festivals , and some serve the department as adjunct faculty. All are welcome. The success and experiences of our alumni are two of our most treasured resources and give our current students permission to dream.

To become a more active Fullerton College Music Department alumnus consider any of the following activities:

  1. Send your alumni news.
  2. Volunteer to lead a one hour workshop on entertainment careers and career preparations at this year's jazz festival. Please RSVP to bbabad@fullcoll.edu
  3. Volunteer to judge this year's Jazz Festival. Please contact judges coordinator jshew@fullcoll.edu
  4. If you work for a musical instrument or software manufacturer or distributor consider having a booth at our Jazz Festival. Please contact mburger@fullcoll.edu.
  5. Volunteer to perform at Concert Hour. Contact instructor Jerry Garvin. jergarvin@earthlink.net
  6. Consider a tax-deductible donation to the Music building remodeling fund. The Music building is slated to be remodeled in 2011, and it will take substantial funds to equip the building with all the equipment and features that are required for a current state of the arts facility. Significant donations can lead to the naming of a facility. Contact Bob Jensen rjensen@fullcoll.edu for more information.
  7. Consider a tax-deductible donation to the Music Department scholarship fund or Music Department student programs fund. Contact Bob Jensen rjensen@fullcoll.edu for more information.

Our best wishes to you, your friends, and your families,

The Music Department Staff at Fullerton College