MUSA 224 F: Jazz Guitar: Chords
CRN: 21765

Guitar Studies

Jazz Guitar: Chords

Course Information:

18 hours lecture and 18 hours lab per term. This class is designed toadvance the student’s ability in a variety of jazz guitar styles with specificemphasis on chord playing, which will be addressed in both accompanimentand solo playing. Students should have at least intermediate playingskills (2 years guitar playing experience) and some knowledge of musictheory. Music reading is not necessary, but is advised, for success in thisclass. Students do not need to already be exposed to jazz playing tosucceed in this class. (CSU) (UC pending) (Degree Credit)


Section Information:

Scott, Michael
Meeting Time:
Wednesday, Jan. 27 to May. 23 from 2:10pm - 4:15pm
Wednesday, Jan. 27 to May. 23 from 10:58am - 10:58am
Seating Availability:
Capacity: 15
Taken: 12
Available: 3
Waitlist Availability:
Capacity: 5
Taken: 0
Available: 5
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Critical Dates:
Last day to add class: 02/09/2020
Last day to drop with a refund: 02/09/2020
Last day to drop without a "W": 02/09/2020
Last day to drop with a "W": 04/26/2020