Saturday, February 24, 2018
Deadline to apply is Monday, January 29, 2018

Ensemble for Six Hands to Sixteen Hands...

General Info:

  • Combination of any age and level is acceptable for this category. Family teams and creativity are highly encouraged. To protect the pianos, preparing inside the piano or touching the piano strings with bare hands are discouraged.
  • 10 Minute (maximum) Adjudication
  • Any changes or mistakes in the application form or check may result in a $20 processing fee.
  • There are no refunds after the application deadline
  • All participants will receive up to two complimentary tickets. One for the performer and the other for his/her guest.


To register, please download and print the Audition Application. Audition Applications must be turned in by hard copy accompanied by a check or money order.


  • Auditions will be held during the day and are closed to the public. No page turners will be provided. Please arrange for a page turner, if needed, other than students' teacher.
  • Grand prize winners from the multiple hands category may not re-enter the following year, but are encouraged to re-enter after skipping a year.
  • Team(s) may be chosen to perform in the Circle of Winners Concert, but this does not necessarily guarantee that one of the teams will win a grand prize.
  • Awarding the grand prize for each category is at judges' discretion.
  • Teams should arrive at least 20 minutes before their scheduled time to check in at the front desk in the Music Building.
  • No practice rooms will be available.
  • ALL PARTICIPANTS are expected to attend the evening concert.

Registration Fees:

  • $20 Application Fee per performer.
  • In the case of a team that has a different number of performers for their two pieces, application will be based on the piece with higher number of performers.


  • Two contrasting pieces. (Having two pieces with different number of performers is acceptable.)
  • Application fee will be based on the piece with higher number of performers.

Suggested Repertoire:

  • Italian Street Parade (Elementary Piano Quartet 2P8H) MASINTER, TOM
  • Enchanted Isle (Intermediate Piano Quartet 2P8H) MILLER, BEATRICE
  • Jambalaya: A Portrait of Old New Orleans ROCHEROLLE, EUGENIE
  • Bob’s Blues (1P6H) VANDALL, ROBERT D.
  • Chopsticks Rag for Three (Early Intermediate Piano Trio (1P6H) JOYCE GRILL
  • Jazz for Three (Intermediate Piano Trio 1P6H) VANDALL, ROBERT
  • Triple Dip (Intermediate Piano Trio 1P6H) VANDALL, ROBERT D
  • Six Pieces For Six Hands (Intermediate Piano Trio 1P6H) GURLITT, CORNELIUS
  • Street Syncs: Eleven Ragtime Pieces for Solo Piano - ANDERSON, GARLAND
  • The Knights' Quest by Wendy Stevens. Publisher: The Willis Music Company


Teachers, please make out one check to Fullerton College
Remit to:
Dr. Monica Lee
Fullerton College Music Department
321 E. Chapman Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832-2095

The Box Office is part of the Fullerton College Fine Arts Division
Fullerton College is part of the North Orange County Community College District