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Symphonic Winds

The Fullerton College Symphonic Winds is the major performing group for wind, brass, and percussion music majors at Fullerton College. The FC Symphonic Winds is comprised of undergraduate music students. Non-music majors are also welcome to join this ensemble as well. The FC Symphonic Winds performs standard band literature as well as commissioning new works from both student composers and established composers in Southern California. The FC Symphonic Winds have performed concerts, clinics, and workshops at Music Conventions and at major universities throughout California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. Entrance in the ensemble is by audition. The requirements are listed below:

Scales: Majors - Through three sharps and four flats

Legato Etude: A two-three minute slow, expressive piece demonstrating good tone quality.

Articulation Study/Etude: A two-three minute technical piece which displays your ability to perform various articulations and rhythms at a fast tempo.

Selected by audition.

MUS 274 F Fullerton College Symphonic Winds (1-1-1-1)

Prerequisite: Audition.

Three hours rehearsal per week plus one and one-quarter hour per week arranged in rehearsals, recordings, and concerts. Rehearsals and performance of standard band literature. Performances, which are required of all participants, take place on campus and in the community. This course is open to music majors and non-music majors. An audition is required. Course may be taken four times for credit. (CSU) (UC) (Degree credit)

For more information contact Dr. Tony Mazzaferro tmazzaferro@fullcoll.edu