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Chamber Singers

This is the classical choir that requires the highest level of vocal training. They perform both traditional and contemporary classical literature. There are also several festivals that they attend yearly. Chamber Singers requires a person who is self-motivated, a self-starter, and is willing to help others in order to improve the overall sound of the choir.

Selected by audition

MUS 285 F Chamber Singers (1-1-1-1)

Prerequisite: Audition.

We will be holding auditions for incoming Fall 2017 students on Saturday, May 6, 2017. Please go to www.fcchoralvocalauditions.com to fill out an audition form and reserve an audition time.

Advisory: Concurrent enrollment in MUS 281 F Concert Choir. Three hours rehearsal per week plus one and one-quarter hour per week arranged in rehearsals, studio recording, and concerts. Choral Chamber Music literature will be rehearsed and performed on campus, in surrounding communities and schools, and on tours. Open to all students by audition. Course may be taken four times for credit. (CSU) (UC) (Degree credit)

For more information, contact Nicola Bertoni nbertoni@fullcoll.edu