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The Music Department invites you to send your biographical and career notes to this web site to renew and refresh the network of alumni contacts you formed while studying music at Fullerton College. Consider providing links to your professional (but not personal) web sites. Please fill out the alumni update form at the bottom of this page.

Best wishes,
Bob Jensen, Dean of Fine Arts

Featured Alumni Interviews

Eden Espinosa


Actress / Vocalist

Brandon and Bryan Forrest


Sound Engineers

Matt Johnson


Drummer / Music Professor

Michael Licari



Michael Scott



Brooke Wilkes


Actress / Vocalist

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Leah Bentley

Leah has been singing her whole life. She grew... more

J. Boogie
FC Music Alum J Boogie, cast member of Yo Mama:... more

Jerry Bowers

I grew up in California where I studied music... more

KeriAnne Burgin

KeriAnne N. Burgin, is a native of California... more

Jill Marie Burke
Born and raised in Los Angeles, she always... more

Daren Burns

"Real music is not for wealth, not for... more

Francisco Calvo
Francisco Javier Calvo received bachelor degrees... more

Ron Cameron

Ron started with piano at five then guitar at... more

John Campos

John Campos is an Orange County, California... more

Chad Canter

I have played with my own jazz combo in high... more

Brett Caplinger

Born in Long Beach, CA. 1958, self taught... more

Carl M. Cartagena

Carl M. Cartagena, 27, from Pomona, CA.... more

Larry Castle

Larry Castle is the owner and founder of the... more

Courtney Chambers
Courtney Chambers always knew she wanted to do... more

Marc Chester
Marc transferred from FJC to Cal State Long Beach... more

Jack Cooper

Dr. Jack Cooper, Associate Professor and Jazz... more

Jenna Davi
in fall 2006 transferred to Cal State Northridge... more

Marcus Davis Jr
At the age of 26 Marcus has already accomplished... more

Paul Delgado

Paul Delgado transferred from Fullerton... more

Steve Dillard

HornTrader.com opened for business in 1998 and... more

Gary Drysdale

Gary Drysdale originally played clarinet in... more

Eden Espinosa

Born February 2, 1978 in Anaheim, California,... more

Mark Fabulich
Mark Fabulich has accepted a new job in Los... more

Phil Felix
Phil Felix attended Fullerton College from... more

Teresa Flores

Teresa Flores is originally from Los Angeles... more

Mando Fonseca
The "founding father" of The Alley Cats... more

Brandon and Bryan Forrest

Brandon received an A.A degree in Liberal... more

John Gerhold

Dr. John Gerhold teaches music at Bakersfield... more

Scheila Gonzalez
Scheila Gonzalez has been recognized by the... more

Ernie Gonzalez
a former Music Business student. He was awarded... more

Troy Griffin
Staff Sergeant Troy Griffin hails from Los... more

Bobby Hatfield

Bobby Hatfield, whose wholesomely passionate... more

Jeff Hawley
recieved his BA from CSU Fullerton. Jeff... more

Brien Henderson
Brien has relocated to San Francisco, currently... more

Laurie Jackley
has been Director of the Capella Choirs since... more

Matt Johnson
The Los Angeles Times called Matt Johnson "a... more

Cory Johnson
Cory Johnson received his Master of Music Degree... more

Mario Jose

San Francisco Bay Area native Mario Jose has... more

Mark Kamp

Mark Kamp Attended Fullerton College and San... more

Ron Kidd

Piano, French Horn and Music Composition... more

Ron Kobayashi
Ron Kobayashi, pianist and leader of the Ron... more

John Grover Lewis
Formerly touring in the United States and Japan... more

Brad Lewis

I was born in Toronto, Canada and partially... more

Michael Licari
Michael Licari was an accounting major at Cal... more

Dave Lindgren

is both a professional musician and educator.... more

Johnny Lloyd
Johnny Lloyd Johnny Lloyd has been a musician... more

Brian Lynch
Recording alumni, went on to graduate from the... more

Jeremy Lynch
Jeremy Lynch graduated from legendary Hemet High... more

Robert Mader
Mader grew up in Hemet, Calif., and studied music... more

Golda McCormack
Recording student Golda McCormack has been... more

Glenn Mehrbach

Glenn Mehrbach is the jazz instructor at... more

Kye Palmer

Kye Palmer is a trumpet player who currently... more

Flo Paris
Flo Paris attended FJC in fall of '98 joining... more

Dana Parker
After graduating from Fullerton College, Dana... more

Bernie Parsons
Bernie Parsons was a music major at Fullerton... more

Eric Persing
It is almost impossible to go a day without... more

Ron Powell
Ron is an accomplished musician and exciting... more

Royce Reynolds
Royce Reynolds was raised in Whittier, California... more

Kimberly Roberts

Someone once asked me how long I’ve... more

Bart Robley

Bart Robley began teaching in Denver, Colorado... more

Luis Roncayolo
attended Fullerton College and California State... more

David Royer

David Royer started Mojave Audio in 1985 in... more

David Salisbury
David Salisbury, is a local percussionist and... more

Michael Scott
Guitarist Mike Scott is an active freelance... more

Bryant Simpson
Bryant Simpson began playing bass while attending... more

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith has been playing saxophone for... more

Natasha Suzuki

Natasha Suzuki began as a pianist, playing... more

Cory Tcheng
Cory Tcheng attended Fullerton College where he... more

Travis Tingley
Travis has been a professional musician since... more

Rhoda Tuit
Rhoda Tuit was born and raised in Pasadena, CA.... more

Edmund Velasco
Velasco, Edmund (Alfred), tenor sax; b. Whittier,... more

Dr. Betty Virgoe
Dr. Betty Virgoe has an Associates of Arts degree... more

Hugh Von Kleist
Hugh von Kleist has been playing and studying the... more

Tyler Walton

Tyler Walton is a professional drummer with... more

Mark Wein
mark graduated fullerton college in 1992, and... more

Seth Weiss

Seth Weiss, the baritone for SOLID GROUND, has... more

Brooke Wilkes
started her musical career at a very early age in... more

Gregory Woll
Gregory R. Woll received his Bachelor of Arts... more

David Wright
David has been teaching in Southern California... more

Bob Wright

Coming from a family of South Georgia Gospel... more

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