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Recording/Production Certificate

Brandon and Bryan Forrest - Sound Engineers

The Music Recording/Production Certificate is designed as a four semester program to provide the technical skills and theoretical background for a career in the music recording/ music production field. The certificate requires a total of 32-33 units of which 26 units are in required courses and 6-7 units are restricted electives with a minimum grade of "C" in each course taken.

Required Courses (26 units)
MUS 108 F - Introduction to Music Technology (2 Units)
MUS 110 F - Electronic Music I: Beginning Music Production (3 Units)
MUS 112 F - The Music Business (2 Units)
MUS 119 F - History of Rock Music (3 Units)
MUS 116 F - Music Appreciation (3 Units)
MUS 124 F - Recording Lab I: Beginning Techniques (3 Units)
MUS 224 F - Recording Studio II (3 Units)
MUS 226 - Recording Studio III: Advanced Techniques (3 Units)
MUS 291 F - Electronic Music II: Intermediate Music Production (4 Units)
MUS 292 F - Electronic Music III: Advanced Music Production (3 Units)
Restricted Electives (6-7 units)
MUS 101 F - Music Fundamentals (3 Units)
MUS 106 F - Introduction to Music Theory (3 Units)
MUS 125 F - Recording Techniques Workshop for Performers (3 Units)
MUS 103 F - Beginning Musicianship (1 Unit)
MUS 107 F - Harmony I (3 Units)
Total Units: 32-33

Please verify the most current requirements by contacting the Music Department offices before enrolling in any courses.

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