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Piano Teaching Certificate

The Certificate in Piano Teaching is a two-semester program that is intended for anyone seeking to expand their teaching and playing skills. The certificate program is for potential piano teachers and the sequence of courses is designed to provide the technical skills, theoretical background, musical understanding and historical background needed for effective teaching. This certificate requires completion of 28 units. MUS 021 F and MUS 022 F Piano Pedagogy must be completed at Fullerton College. The Certificate in Piano Teaching Program requires a total of 28 units of which 22 units are in required courses.

Required Courses (22 Units)
MUS 021 F - Piano Pedagogy I (3 Units)
MUS 022 F - Piano Pedagogy II (3 Units)
MUS 103 F - Beginning Musicianship (1 Unit)
MUS 104 F - Intermediate Musicianship (1 Unit)
MUS 107 F - Harmony I (3 Units)
MUS 109 F - Harmony II (3 Units)
MUS 120 F - Survey of Music History (3 Units)
MUSA 137 F - Intermediate Piano Sight-Reading (1 Unit)
MUSA 200 F - Applied Music-Individual Private Study (2 Units)
MUS 265 F - Piano Ensemble (2 Units)
Restricted Electives (6 units)
- Introduction to Business (3 Units)
- Small Business Management (3 Units)
- Introduction to Early Childhood Education Curriculum (3 Units)
- Early Childhood Music Education (2 Units)
Total Units: 28

Please verify the most current requirements by contacting the Music Department offices before enrolling in any courses.

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