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Interdisciplinary Studies: Emphasis in Arts and Human Expression Associate of Arts Degree

These courses emphasize the study of cultural, literary, humanistic activities and artistic expression of human beings. Students will evaluate and interpret the ways in which people through the ages in different cultures have responded to themselves and the world around them in artistic and cultural creation. Students will also learn to value aesthetic understanding and incorporate these concepts when constructing value judgements. This emphasis includes lower division coursework that prepares students for majors in fine arts, foreign languages, literature, and philosophy. Curriculum leads to the Associate of Arts Degree. These degree options are designed to give students a broad introduction to an area of knowledge represented by related disciplines and topics, as well as to prepare transfer students for a field of study at a university. Students will select an "Area of Emphasis" from the following four options based on their interests and their educational and career goals.

Choose 18 units of coursework, including two or more disciplines, from the following list:

ART 112 F Art History Ancient/Medieval(3 Units)
ART 113 F Art History Renaissance to Modern(3 Units)
ART 114 F Art History Impressionism to the Present(3 Units)
ART 115 F Museum Survey(3 Units)
ART 116 F Art History - Mexico(3 Units)
ART 117 F History of American Art(3 Units)
ART 118 F Color Theory(3 Units)
ART 119 F Design & Color for Non-Art Maj(2 Units)
ART 120 F Basic Design(3 Units)
ART 121 F Three-Dimensional Design(3 Units)
ART 127 F Painting Concepts - Floral(2 Units)
ART 150AF Ceramics: Beg Handbuilding(3 Units)
ART 150BF Ceramics: Beginning Throwing(3 Units)
ART 160 F Fundamentals of Sculpture(3 Units)
ART 174AF Jewelry: Fabrication(3 Units)
ART 182 F Basic Drawing(3 Units)
ART 179 F Drawing for Non-Art Majors(2 Units)
ART 184 F Expressive Drawing(3 Units)
ART 186AF Beginning Life Drawing(3 Units)
ART 187 F Watercolor for Non-Art Majors(2 Units)
ART 188 F Watercolor Painting(3 Units)
ART 189AF Beginning Painting(3 Units)
ART 196HF Honors Creative Arts-Art(3 Units)
ART 210 F Life Painting(3 Units)
ART 212 F Asian Art History(3 Units)
ART 213 F Pre-Columbian Art(3 Units)
CDES 242 F Introduction to Liberal Studies(3 Units)
CRTV 120 F Media Aesthetics(3 Units)
CRTV 121 F The American Cinema(3 Units)
CRTV 126AF World Cinema to 1945(3 Units)
CRTV 126BF World Cinema 1946 to Present(3 Units)
CRTV 131 F Contemporary Cinema(3 Units)
DANC 100 F Dance Appreciation(3 Units)
DANC 101 F Introduction to Dance World Cultures (1 Unit)
DANC 103 F Dance Technique I (1 Unit)
DANC 105 F Ballet I (.5-1 Unit)
DANC 107 F Modern Dance I (1 Unit)
DANC 111 F Jazz I (1 Unit)
DANC 120 F Dance History(3 Units)
DANC 210 F Multicultural Dance in U.S. Td(3 Units)
ENVS 106 F Conservation Biology(3 Units)
ENGL 102 F Introduction to Literature(3 Units)
ENGL 102HF Honors Introduction to Literature (3 Units)
ENGL 105 F Introduction to Creative Writing (3 Units)
ENGL 203 F Intro to Dramatic Literature (3 Units)
ENGL 204 F Introduction to Poetry (3 Units)
DANC 201 F Dance on Film (3 Units)
ENGL 204 F Introduction to Poetry (3 Units)
ENGL 207 F The Short Story (3 Units)
ENGL 210 F Introduction to Language Structure and Use (3 Units)
ENGL 211 F English Literature to 1800 (3 Units)
ENGL 212 F English Literature since 1800 (3 Units)
ENGL 214 F Contemporary Literature (3 Units)
ENGL 218 F California Writers (3 Units)
ENGL 221 F American Literature to the Civil War (3 Units)
ENGL 222 F American Literature from the Civil War to the Present (3 Units)
ENGL 225 F World Literature since the Early Modern Period (3 Units)
ENGL 234 F Introduction to Shakespeare (3 Units)
ENGL 221HF Honors American Literature to the Civil War (3 Units)
ENGL 239 F Survey of Children's Literature (3 Units)
ENGL 243 F Folklore and Mythology (3 Units)
ENGL 243HF Honors Folklore and Mythology (3 Units)
ENGL 245 F The Bible as Literature (3 Units)
ENGL 246 F The Novel (3 Units)
ENGL 247 F Voices of America: Multicult Lit (3 Units)
ENGL 248 F Science Fiction (3 Units)
ENGL 249 F Survey of Chicano/a Literature (3 Units)
ENGL 250 F Survey of African American Lit (3 Units)
ENGL 251 F Survey of Native American Lit (3 Units)
ENGL 252 F Women's Literature (3 Units)
ENGL 253 F Survey of Asian American Lit (3 Units)
ENGL 255 F Intermediate Creative Writing: Fiction (3 Units)
ETHS 130 F African- American History I (3 Units)
FASH 242 F History of Costume (3 Units)
FASH 244 F Ethnic Costume (3 Units)
ARAB 101 F Elementary Arabic I (5 Units)
ARAB 102 F Elementary Arabic II (5 Units)
CHIN 101 F Elementary Chinese - Mandarin I (5 Units)
CHIN 102 F Elementary Chinese - Mandarin II (5 Units)
CHIN 203 F Intermediate Chinese - Mandarin III (4 Units)
CHIN 204 F Interm Chinese - Mandarin IV (4 Units)
FREN 101 F Elementary French I (5 Units)
FREN 102 F Elementary French II (5 Units)
FREN 203 F Intermediate French III (4 Units)
FREN 204 F Intermediate French IV (4 Units)
GERM 101 F Elementary German I (5 Units)
GERM 102 F Elementary German II (5 Units)
GERM 203 F Intermediate German III (4 Units)
GERM 204 F Intermediate German IV (4 Units)
ITAL 101 F Elementary Italian I (5 Units)
ITAL 102 F Elementary Italian II (5 Units)
ITAL 203 F Intermediate Italian III (4 Units)
ITAL 204 F Intermediate Italian IV (4 Units)
JAPN 101 F Elementary Japanese I (5 Units)
JAPN 102 F Elementary Japanese II (5 Units)
JAPN 203 F Intermediate Japanese III (4 Units)
JAPN 204 F Intermediate Japanese IV(4 Units) PORT 101 F Elementary Portuguese I (5 Units)
PORT 102 F Elem Portuguese II (5 Units)
RUSS 101 F Elementary Russian I (5 Units)
RUSS 102 F Elementary Russian II (5 Units)
SPAN 101 F Elementary Spanish I (5 Units)
SPAN 101HF Honors Elementary Spanish I(5 Units)
SPAN 102 F Elementary Spanish II(5 Units)
SPAN 102HF Honors Elementary Spanish II(5 Units)
SPAN 201 F Spanish for the Spanish Speaker(5 Units)
SPAN 203 F Intermediate Spanish III(4 Units)
SPAN 204 F Intermediate Spanish IV(4 Units)
SPAN 205 F Introduction to Spanish Literature(3 Units)
SPAN 206 F Introduction to Latin American Literature(3 Units)
SPAN 207 F Children's Literature/Spanish(4 Units)
HIST 110 F Western Civilization I(3 Units)
HIST 110HF Honors Western Civilization I(3 Units)
HIST 111 F Western Civilization II(3 Units)
HIST 111HF Honors Western Civilization II(3 Units)
HIST 112 F World Civilizations(3 Units)
HIST 112HF Honors World Civilizations I(3 Units)
HIST 113 F World Civilizations II(3 Units)
HIST 113HF Honors World Civilizations II(3 Units)
HIST 154 F Ancient Egypt(3 Units)
HIST 170 F History of the United States I(3 Units)
HIST 170HF Honors History of the United States I(3 Units)
HIST 171 F History of the United States II(3 Units)
HIST 171HF Honors History of the United States II(3 Units)
HIST 270 F Women in United States History(3 Units)
IDES 180 F History of Interior Architecture I(3 Units)
MUS 101 F Music Fundamentals(3 Units)
MUS 102 F Music Reading(3 Units)
MUS 106 F Introduction to Music Theory(3 Units)
MUS 107AF Harmony I(3 Units)
MUS 110 F Electronic Music I: Beginning Music Production(3 Units)
MUS 113 F Jazz History - An Appreciation(3 Units)
MUS 114 F Women, Music & Society(3 Units)
MUS 116 F Music Appreciation(3 Units)
MUS 117 F American Popular Music/Jazz Music Survey(3 Units)
MUS 118 F Introduction to Opera(3 Units)
MUS 119 F History of Rock Music(3 Units)
MUS 120 F Survey of Music History(3 Units)
MUS 123 F Concert Hour( 1 Unit)
MUS 135AF Beginning Piano( 1 Unit)
MUS 180 F Collegiate Chorale( 1 Unit)
MUS 196HF Honors Creative Arts-Music(3 Units)
MUS 271 F Fullerton Symphony (1 Unit)
MUS 273 F Concert Band (1 Unit)
MUS 274 F Fullerton College Symphonic Winds(1 Unit)
MUS 281 F Concert Choir (1 Unit)
MUS 282 F Fullerton College Master Chorale(1 Unit)
PHIL 100 F Introduction to Philosophy(3 Units)
PHIL 100HF Honors Introduction to Philosophy(3 Units)
PHIL 101 F Introduction to Religious Studies(3 Units)
PHIL 105 F World Religions(3 Units)
PHIL 105HF Honors World Religions(3 Units)
PHIL 135 F Social and Political Philosophy(3 Units)
PHIL 160 F Introduction to Ethics(3 Units)
PHIL 195 F Women's Issues in Philosophy(3 Units)
PHIL 200 F Introduction to Christianity(3 Units)
PHIL 201 F History of Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval(3 Units)
PHIL 202 F History of Philosophy: Modern and Contemporary(3 Units)
PHIL 210 F Introduction to Judaism(3 Units)
PHIL 250 F The Religion of Islam(3 Units)
PHIL 270 F Introduction to Asian Religions(3 Units)
PHOT 100 F Basic Photography(3 Units)
PHOT 101 F Introduction to Photography(3 Units)
SPCH 100 F Public Speaking(4 Units)
SPCH 105 F Interpersonal Communication(3 Units)
SPCH 124 F Small Group Communication(3 Units)
SPCH 135 F Essentials of Argumentation(4 Units)
THEA 100 F Introduction to the Theatre(3 Units)
THEA 104 F Introduction to Theatre Appreciation(3 Units)
THEA 105 F Musical Theatre History(3 Units)
THEA 109 F Modern Dramatic Literature(3 Units)
THEA 127 F Oral Interpretation(3 Units)
THEA 150 F Performance Lab (1 - 3 Units)
THEA 160 F Introduction to Sound Technology(3 Units)
THEA 161 F Sound Reinforcement Techniques (2 Units)
THEA 162 F Sound Design for the Theatre (2 Units)
THEA 196HF Honors Creative Arts-Theater(3 Units)
WOOD 110 F Fundamentals of Woodwork(4 Units)
ART 110 F Introduction to Art(3 Units)
ENGL 208 F Introduction to Film Studies(3 Units)
ENGL 254 F Intermediate Creative Writing: Poetry(3 Units)
PHOT 111 F Introduction to Photography from Analog to Digital(3 Units)
HIST 154 F Ancient Egypt(3 Units)

Total Units: 18

Please verify the most current requirements by contacting the Music Department offices before enrolling in any courses.

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